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New Adult Fiction @ JCPL is AWESOMESAUCE!

Bottle of Awesomesauce

Popular in today’s fast paced society is the art of multitasking. Even our shopping trips are multitasking events, and stores cater to the multi-taskers in us by offering BOGO sales and other promotions.

Our language skills also are affected by our need to multi-task, and the Merriam-Webster dictionary is cooperating, staying up-to-date on all of the word combinations of the day.

Officially new in this year’s vocabulary are ‘awesational,’ (you can guess this word combines ‘awesome’ and ‘sensational’) ‘hyperlative,’ (better than ‘superlative’) and ‘betterfication,’ ‘legiterally,’ (legitimately literal) and ‘gathertorium,’ (a large gathering place).  Used in a sentence, these words would sound something like, “Go to your local branch of JCPL, where the new fiction titles are ‘awesational,’ ‘legiterally’ ‘hyperlative’ and offer ‘betterfication’ in your day. Really, go visit their great ‘gathertorium!” Read on!

Isolated from the world because of a family secret, Constance Kopp is different from most women. Taller than most grown men, Constance has no desire to get married or be domestic. The year is 1914, and Constance’s family buggy has been run down by a powerful, silk factory baron. When he refuses to acknowledge and take responsibility for the damages, an all-out war ensues and he unleashes gang warfare on Constance’s family and their farm. The sheriff needs the family’s help in convicting the men responsible, and enlists the help of Constance, who, when confronted with her past and the present situation, handles it much differently than any other woman of this era in ‘Girl Waits With Gun’ by Amy Stewart.

In an effort to avoid federal prison, five hackers are forced to work as white-hack hackers for the government. They call themselves ‘The Zeroes,’ and they spend the next year of their lives working at a secret compound known as “The Lodge.” Their work, however, brings these five hackers to uncover some powerful information; secrets that could be the downfall of the U.S. government. As they serve their time, they decide to perform the ultimate hack by burrowing deep into the government from the inside in ‘Zer0es’ by Chuck Wendig.

The setting is the heartland of 1920’s America. The story itself involves three people from different backgrounds who set out on journey of self-discovery across the heartland, each one holding a secret that could destroy their new-found friendship, and one that could threaten their very survival. Crisscrossing the heartland, the threesome explores the art of aviation, as a one of a kind, makeshift family of companions in ‘The Flying Circus’ by Susan Crandall.

Ellen Homes lives with her two best friends, Temerity and Justice. Besides the relationship with her closest two friends, Ellen lives a solitary life, hidden away observing others from afar. She feels invisible and actually prefers to be, until a terrible bus crash sends Ellen’s normal routine into a tailspin, leading her to help others in a way that she never expected to be able to, bringing out her compassionate side in ‘Becoming Ellen’ by Shari Shattuck.

Molly Arnette and her husband, Aiden, live in San Diego. Their marriage is a happy one, but the one thing missing from their lives is a child. When the two of them decide to adopt a baby, Molly’s past comes calling, and the secrets that she has kept for most of her adult life are revealed, threatening to destroy their chance for happiness in ‘Pretending to Dance’ by Diane Chamberlain.

You may find yourself ‘incapussitated’ (held hostage by a cat who won’t leave your lap) and scervous (nervous and scared), but you’ll recoverate (recover and recuperate) in an awazome (awesome) way when you legiterally check out the hyperlative and awesational new adult fiction at the Jasper County Public Library!