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You'll Vote for These New Adult Fiction Titles @ JCPL!


Super Tuesday is behind us and the candidates for the 2016 Presidential election are making their cases, addressing the issues of today: 1.) balance the budget 2.) tax reform 3.) immigration laws 4.) health insurance regulation 5.) defense spending; the list goes on and on.

The political propaganda that is so highly advertised on TV made me wonder what children think of the candidates and their politics, and how, through their eyes, the United States of America should be run. These are the thoughts of a group of 3rd graders who were asked what they would do, should they become president:

“If I was President, I would make everything out of orange hello and marshmallow. I would also make electricity free and I would buy my own Palomino and paint a saddle, lead rope, reigns, bridle and barn.” Another child came up with, “If I was President, first I would have no homework on Monday and Friday. Last, I wouldn’t give that much homework at school.” Another declared, “Gas will always cost .50 cents a gallon!” I’ll take the orange hello and marshmallow, and then I’ll spice it up with a lot of good reading material, because the list of new adult fiction at your local branch of JCPL goes on and on!

Returning home to Minnesota from an archaeological dig, Casper Christianson encounters his old love, Raina, only to discover that she is pregnant with another man’s child. Pouring himself and all of his energy into the restoration of the family resort, Casper tables his hopes and dreams, concentrating instead on the future of the resort. When his current job puts him once again in Raina’s path, she and Casper begin a tentative friendship. But will the past come back to haunt them in ways that sabotage their newfound affection for one another? Find out in ‘Always on My Mind,’ book number 4 in the Christianson Family series by Susan May Warren.

Working as a hospice nurse, Deborah Birch must call upon her courage and compassion to get through her daily work. Her current patient, Barclay Reed, is a retired history professor who is an expert in the Pacific Theater of World War II. When Deborah’s husband, Michael, returns from his deployment in Iraq, Deborah calls upon the seasoned advice of Barclay Reed to fully understand the haunted man that her husband has become, hoping against hope that the older gentleman’s war experience will help her to battle Michael’s demons in ‘The Hummingbird’ by Stephen P. Kiernan.

After a sudden tragedy, Addie Andrews pulled up stakes, leaving her home in Chicago to move into her beloved aunt’s dilapidated old house in Eunice, Arkansas. Although the house, an unexpected inheritance from her aunt, is falling down around her, some of Addie’s most cherished memories live within the walls of the humble abode. The small town setting offers more in entertainment than Addie is used to as well; a next door neighbor who dances around outside of his house in his underwear and a best friend whose son can predict the weather, and a dog that, much like Addie herself, is lost, and in desperate need of love. Coming to Eunice was a way for Addie to hide out, but in fact, the small town seems to be helping her to find her way back to a full and happy life in ‘Sit! Stay! Speak!’ by Annie England Noblin.

The year is 1880; Gracy Brookens is the only midwife in a small Colorado mining town. Gracy has delivered thousands of babies and seen many women through their pregnancies. When a prominent resident of Swandyke accuses Gracy of murdering his newborn son, Gracy must face the fact that she is alone in defending herself. Those she thought were her friends are taking sides, and some who know Gracy well and have been helped by her in ways that she would never have spoken of may reveal some of Gracy’s darkest secrets in ‘The Last Midwife’ by Sandra Dallas.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” If our new President declares that no homework, orange hello and marshmallow everything is the way to go, who am I to argue? Free electricity, also, will come in handy, as well as that gasoline for only .50 cents a gallon when I drive over to choose a nice, big stack of new adult fiction, fresh from the shelves of my local branch of the Jasper County Public Library!