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This April, JCPL 'Showers' Us With New Adult Fiction, and That's No Joke!

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April 1st has come and gone, but my grandkids are firm believers in April Fool’s Day jokes and pranks.

My five year old grandson is just getting his feet wet with the idea of April Fool’s Day, and told me that morning that he is going to ‘pwank me.’ It was too early in the morning to try and decipher what that meant, but I asked him to repeat himself.

So he did, and said, “I’m gonna pwank you today.” When I asked yet a third time what he said, he looked at me and said, “What’s the matter? Are you having twouble wistening today? I said I’m gonna pwank you coz it’s April Fool’s Day!”

Aha…now my listening skills have kicked in and I realize I’m in for some PRANKS and I’d better get my LISTENING skills up to par while I’m at it!

Are your listening skills up to par? This is a test…for the next 60 seconds the Jasper County Public Library will put your reading and listening skills to the test. Read on for some great, new fiction titles that you’ll LOVE to hear about!

Nancy Beach is a radio talk show relationship counselor, but her reputation is quickly taking a dive because her own relationships end up tanking before they can get off to any kind of start. When she is set up on a blind date with Jacob Cope, the two of them hit it off really well, but when they take the plunge and move in together, the honeymoon faze of their relationship goes by the wayside rather quickly. Jacob, however, tries to save the day by getting a dog; a dog that Nancy never wanted, but begins to see the value of when the training tricks designed to make the dog obey also work on Jacob in ‘Dog Training the American Male’ by L.A. Knight.

After twelve years of dead end clues leave the kidnapping of Simon Fisk’s six year old daughter in a cold case file, Simon finds he still cannot rest and decides to reopen her case and find the person or persons responsible for taking her. Transforming his apartment into a war room, he thinks he’s finally gotten a break in the ages old case when a computer generated message with an attached image of his daughter as she would have looked at age 18 pops up, along with the sketch of an 18 year old woman wanted for murder in Ireland. Hopping on the first flight to Dublin, Fisk races to end the frustration of losing his family, but must get to the girl who may be Hailey Fisk before she is arrested for murder in ‘Gone Cold,’ book number three in the Simon Fisk series by Douglas Corleone.

Things are going down the tubes swiftly for Jason Barnes; he just recently lost his job, and a golf cart fiasco has left him with a fine of $60,000, which he must pay within 30 days or go to jail. Hoping that he can depend on his rich Aunt Clara to bail him out of his misery, Jason finds himself in deeper when she dies, leaving all of her liquid assets to charity. She has, however, left Jason a vineyard in France; a vineyard worth millions; a vineyard run by a team of formidable nuns who Jason must get past in order to sell. One madcap scheme after another lands Jason in loads of trouble, but when he meets a French woman, he falls for her in a big way. Jason soon discovers, however, that there is no easy way to him to pull himself out of the mess he created, and finds that he must set himself straight before things start to look up in ‘Saving Grapes’ by J.T. Lundy.

Evie Rosen is burnt out. Her phone goes off at all hours of the night with messages and calls from partners at her law firm, and online dating has left her in cold sweat. When her career suddenly jolts to a halt and her personal life is crushed by Facebook, Evie decides it’s time to ditch her phone and start some real conversations, leaving the distractions of business and matters of the heart behind. What she discovers is that life goes on, that love can sometimes be found in just the place you never expected, and that unplugging your phone does not have to mean you’ve unplugged from life in ‘Love and Miss Communication’ by Elyssa Friedland.

Now hear this!  These brand new adult fiction titles are available and just waiting to be checked out from your local branch of JCPL; and that’s no joke!