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Check Out These Truly Satisfying Adult Fiction Titles From JCPL!

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Driving home one day, the radio was shouting out my favorite ‘60’s songs. Before I pulled into the driveway, the last song I heard was the Rolling Stones’ ‘I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.’

I don’t know about you, but the last song I hear before turning off the radio seems to be the last song that gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day, no matter what I do.

Over and over again, I heard, ‘I can’t get no-oo, SATISFACTION, but I try, and I try, and I try and I try-yyy…I can’t get no; ah no, no, no!’ These words got me to thinking about my own satisfaction. On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied am I, really, and what, if anything, brings me real satisfaction?

Looking at the scattered tables and shelves of my house, my answer has to be BOOKS! I love books, and no matter where you look in my house, there will be something to read there, mostly courtesy of my friends at the Jasper County Public Library. Read on for some REALLY satisfying new adult fiction!

The suspicious death of Dani Whalen’s close friend, Trey Watkins, brings Dani to insist that his case be reopened. Ruled an accident by the Aspen, Colorado law enforcement, it couldn’t be more obvious to Dani that Trey did not die of natural causes or the accident they claim it to be. Even Rooster, the hot air balloon operator in town, attests to the fact that he saw something unusual from up in the air that very day. Then Rooster bites the dust in a fiery crash, and it becomes apparent that the quiet Colorado town has trouble lurking beneath the surface; trouble that comes from energy giants who are rallying against the ranchers and farmers in the small, drought-stricken town in ‘One Mile Under,’ book number 4 in the Ty Hauck series by Andrew Gross.

Kelli Huddleston has just lost her father and step-mother in a tragic accident. It is now up to her to sort through their things and move on with her life, but as she does, she uncovers truths about her father that she would never have guessed. Shocked to learn that her father faked his death and hers as well, Kelli delves deeper into the mystery behind the lie, finding herself in Tennessee where it all began with her father and another family. But as past secrets and lies begin to unfold, Kelli becomes threatened  and haunted by her father’s double life, pushing her to make choices that may change her life forever in ‘Finding Me’ by Kathryn Cushman.

With the Great Depression in full swing, West Virginia is no exception to its cruelty and hardship. Men are out of work and women are struggling to feed their hungry children. Nurse Becky Myers has just returned to Hope River, West Virginia as a midwife. Not feeling experienced enough to handle the job on her own, Becky is relying on her friend, Patience Murphy to back her up, but Patience is expecting a baby herself and looks to Becky to keep the young mothers and babies of Hope River safe. The challenges of being a midwife present themselves as Becky ushers new lives into the world, and her very courage is tested when a forest fire threatens herself and those around her in ‘The Reluctant Midwife,’ book number 2 in the Hope River Series by Patricia Harman.

The year is 1968; the Vietnam War is raging on and thirteen year old Riley has just learned that her beloved brother, Mick, is MIA in Vietnam. Riley and her whole family are shattered, and as a teenager coming of age, Riley goes off the deep end and finds refuge in drugs and boys. Leaving her family behind, Riley takes off in search of solace in a life without her brother, traveling from Montana to San Francisco and finally to Vietnam, where there is no shortage of strange and scarred individuals to meet along the way in ‘The Given World’ by Marian Palaia.

Can you get some satisfaction? You can try, you can try and you can try-yyy, and you’ll get some, a hey, hey, hey, at your local branch of JCPL; that’s what I say!