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Celebrate July With These New, Adult Fiction Titles From JCPL!

Photo of a bored-looking bull dog.

July…we have not yet reached the famous ‘dog days of summer,’ but July has quite a number of holidays and special days, and, of course, among them is the 4th of July, which is also ‘fry an egg on the sidewalk day.’

On July 7th everyone can enjoy, completely guilt-free, their favorite dessert, because it is designated, ‘Chocolate Day!’ The food theme for July continues on July 21st with ‘National Junk Food Day’ and all month long, in fact, because July is ‘National Ice Cream Month’ AND ‘National Blueberry Month’ as well.

There has to be a balance of power, however, and, being the pet lovers that we are, we have July 31st to look forward to as ‘Mutt’s Day,’ and get ready to kick back and relax on July 22nd, as this has been named ‘Hammock Day.’

Because July is also ‘National Anti-Boredom Month,’ your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library have you covered with these brand new, adult fiction titles! Read on!

Respectable; loved; safe; these are words that used to describe Stella’s life. Stella used to be someone else, but now she lives life on the edge as an escort in a world just the opposite of the one she once knew. Betrayal; lies; secrets; these words now describe Stella’s life, and in her line of work, danger is never far from the realm of possibility. When a friend of Stella’s is murdered, Stella feels compelled to follow up in pursuit of the truth, but puts herself in mortal danger in the process in ‘Untouchable’ by Ava Marsh.

Desperate to have a baby, Christine Nilsson and her husband visit one specialist after another, each appointment ending much the same as the one before. No results lead the couple to abandon their original idea, and the pair begins the search for a donor. After two months, success is achieved and Christine is finally, happily pregnant. Her newfound euphoria is shattered, however, when Christine watches the news one day only to discover that the face of the young man arrested for a series of brutal murders bears a striking resemblance to that of her baby’s donor. Now faced with the moral dilemma of what to do in the event that she is pregnant with the child of a serial killer, Christine delves deeper and deeper into the story, in a desperate attempt to uncover the real truth in ‘Most Wanted’ by Lisa Scottoline.

The true nature of evil is uncovered in ‘That Darkness’ by Lisa Black as forensic investigator, Maggie Gardiner, must unravel the mystery behind the death of yet another young, unidentified female in her jurisdiction. Found in the local cemetery, the girl is only in her early teens, and even more disturbing is the fact that nobody has reported her missing. Following every lead, Maggie studies each scrap of evidence hoping against hope that another young girl does not meet the same fate. But when another body turns up in Maggie’s autopsy room, and justice and morality are just words without conviction, Maggie fears that the killer is closing in, challenging her and her beliefs in the system in this first installment in the Gardiner and Renner series.

Painful memories and a life torn apart by grief and tragedy have left Dr. Alison McAdams reeling and lost. In her darkest moments of despair and sadness, Alison is summoned to Northern California’s Napa Valley to care for her ailing father. Alison is not sure what she will be able to offer her father in the way of help or care, but what she does discover is an opportunity to build herself back up; to rest and recoup from all that she has lost, make new friends, and finally put together the broken pieces of her life in ‘It’s You’ by Jane Porter.

Joining the police force and following in the footsteps of her father and brothers is all Randy Spelling has ever dreamed of. When her future as a police officer is nearly destroyed by a mistaken shooting, Randy falls into a deep depression, believing that the only way she will ever recover is to apologize to the victim’s family. Community outrage and  the anger of the young girl’s family, however, lead even Randy’s chief of police to advise against the decision to apologize, but, filled with remorse, Randy will not be dissuaded and attempts to contact the family, with disastrous results in ‘The Right Wrong Thing’ by Ellen Kirschman.

It’s July, so grab your hammock, bring your furry friend outside with you, and follow the recipe that calls for filling your bowl with ice cream, sprinkling it with a heaping helping of chocolate, topping it with some blueberries, and don’t forget to arm yourself with anti-boredom materials from your local branch of JCPL!