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Your Friends @ JCPL Invite You to Enjoy These New Reading 'Hacks!'

STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES – Discipline Standing Block Chop

I love words, but have recently become confused by the use of the word “hack.” Looking it up in Webster’s Dictionary, the definition was just as I expected; ‘short, dry cough;’ ‘to manage successfully,’ ‘computer hacking’ ‘to cut, or chop roughly or with heavy blows.’

So, I’m wondering how it came to be that the word “hack” is associated with GOOD things, such as “Life Hacks.” This term is apparently something everyone should know to help them complete everyday tasks more efficiently.

Everything from how to best use an empty toilet paper roll and some push pins to hold an object upright to keeping your cookbook open and ready for use with a pants hanger. These “hacks” are designed to make your life easier, clearing the docket for recreational activities, which, in my book, includes just that; a good book! Read on, as I have some ‘reading hacks’ to share from your friends at the Jasper County Public Library!

Shunned by his co-workers, Detective Alexander Putnam needs to re-build his character and his work reputation after a grand jury subpoena on corruption charges marred his standing in the law enforcement community. Temporarily reassigned to the Frauds Unit, Rupert’s life continues on a downward spiral, both professionally and personally, until he takes on an identity theft case, which leads him straight into the path of trained assassin, Drago Basta. As things heat up and Rupert’s life spins further out of control, his older brother, Max steps in to try to save his brother in ‘The Guise of Another’ by Allen Eskens.

Jury duty may be just the thing that Rose needs to get her out of work at the boring DMV, but as luck would have it, Rose finds herself serving as a juror on a murder case, which has included a disastrous encounter with Mason Deveraux, the new district attorney for Fenton County. As the trial heats up, Rose becomes certain that the defendant is innocent, but until the other jurors agree, there is little she can do to prove it. Meanwhile, Rose’s sister, Violet, is doing her best to convince Rose to stop seeing her current boyfriend, Detective Joe Simmons. Rose has about had enough of being bossed around, and yet, at the same time, wonders why she won’t commit to Joe if he is, indeed, the best thing that’s ever happened to her in ‘Twenty Nine and  a Half Reasons,’ book number 2 in the Rose Gardner Mystery series by Dennie Grover Swank.

In 1978, two young girls went missing, kidnapped from the small town of Derbyshire, England. One of the girls returned unharmed, but the other remained missing. Thirty years later, the mother of the missing girl has committed suicide, and Superintendent Llewellyn has asked DI Francis Sadler and DC Connie Childs to re-examine the kidnapping, in the hopes that one or the other may be able to uncover a clue that the original investigative team missed. As the days pass, events unfold that suggest the history behind the kidnappings is rearing its ugly head, and that the evil behind the original crime is lurking just beneath the surface in ‘In Bitter Chill’ by Sarah Ward.

After serving together in the war as part of a unit called ‘The Magic Men,’ Max Mephisto and Detective Edgar Stephens are reunited when the body of a young girl is found, cut into three sections, reminding Stephens of a magic trick called The Zig Zag Girl. Max is reluctant to leave his traveling magic show to help Edgar solve this gruesome crime, but when it turns out that he actually knows the girl, he changes his mind. When yet another death occurs, both men are convinced that they must return to their army days to prevent the murders most assuredly to come in ‘The Zig Zag Girl’ by Elly Griffiths.

The characters from Richard Russo’s ‘Nobody’s Fool’ return in his next installment as the irresistible Sully is given the news by his cardiologist that his life span has been reduced to maybe only one or two more years. Wanting to keep this dark and unhappy news under his hat and a secret from the most important people in his life, Sully moves forward in his job, his friendships, and his relationship with Ruth, the married woman he has been carrying on with for years in ‘Everybody’s Fool,’ book number two in the Sully Series by Richard Russo.

You can use a toilet paper roll to prop up your cell phone, or a pants hanger to keep your current recipe from falling as you read, measure, mix and prepare your dinner or dessert. These are great ‘life hacks’ to know. The best, by far, in life hacks that I can offer is this: Get a library card (a plus in any situation on any given day), go to your local branch of JCPL (not hard if you know the way) and check out as many new, adult fiction titles that you can carry home. In my book, this is a valuable life hack lesson learned!

Photo: Competitors vie for the top standing in the 2014 STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® SERIES – Discipline Standing Block Chop.