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Originality: That's What You'll Find in JCPL's New Adult Fiction!

cartoon of nearly identical sheep

Original: first or earliest; being that from which copies are made. That is the definition of the word “original,” according to the Webster’s Dictionary.

After a morning of grocery shopping and having to choose items to bring home and put away in my own kitchen, I felt a little overwhelmed, seeing all of the choices on the shelves in the market.

Brands that I had been buying and cooking with for years now have multiple varieties of each item; copies that LOOK like just like the one I usually buy, but have differences that I wouldn’t notice unless I look closely at the label.

Lots of choices are not necessarily a BAD thing, but since grocery shopping is not my favorite chore, I prefer to skate through the aisles with little or no effort.

Lots of choices; that is what you will find when you visit your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library. Read on for some great, new adult fiction to choose from!

If you are planning to take a vacation anytime soon, you may shy away from that big, beautiful cruise ship that you’ve had your eye on after you read Heather Graham’s latest installment in the Krewe of Hunters Series. In this paranormal mystery, the historic cruise liner, Destiny, sets sail from the Port of New Orleans. When it becomes apparent that there is a killer on board the Destiny, Jackson Crow is called in on the case, along with local agent, Jude McCoy. Why the killer, known as ‘The Archangel,’ has chosen this particular cruise ship to murder his victims, then place a saint’s medallion on each one, no one knows. But as the investigation heats up, the victims of the Archangel chime in, offering clues as to who the suspect is and which direction to go to catch a killer in ‘Haunted Destiny.’

Vanessa “Van” Moran left her hometown in Whisper Beach with a secret. That was twelve years ago, and now, Vanessa has returned to Whisper Beach for the funeral of her best friend’s husband. Planning only to stay long enough to pay her respects and return to her job in Manhattan, Van ends up staying, volunteering to help get the town’s Blue Crab Restaurant, where she worked as a teenager, get back on its feet. Nearly bankrupt, making the small eatery a success becomes a task that Van throws herself into. As Vanessa reconnects with old friends, the man that she loved years ago reenters her life as well. As Van begins to face her past, she realizes that she will have to decide between her past and her future in ‘Whisper Beach’ by Shelley Noble.

Carpooling and running errands are daily life for Iliana Passing. Now a wife and very involved mother, Iliana gave up her passion as an acclaimed journalist to raise her family. Now, fifteen years later, Iliana wants to reclaim her past and get back into the journalism game. Looking for just the right story to jump-start her career, Iliana thinks she may have found something solid when she discovers Jeff Downs, an old TV heartthrob, has given up acting and now owns a textile company. But when Iliana familiarizes herself with Jeff, she finds herself growing a little too close for comfort in ‘The Last Dreamer’ by Barbara Solomon Josselsohn.

“Variety is the spice of life.” True…as long as the variety consists of great, new fiction from my friends at the Jasper County Public Library!