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New Adult Fiction is 'Flying' Off the Shelves at JCPL!

cartoon of a bat in a chair reading a book

Wandering off to look at furniture while in a big box store with my husband, I chatted on the phone while sampling some of the sofas. Sitting comfortably and thinking this sofa would look nice in my family room, I glanced over to a very comfortable looking recliner that would also fit just right.

Looking a little closer, I noticed there was something in the seat of that chair, and getting up from my comfortable position on the sofa, all I could think of was the odd shape of that something in the recliner. It didn’t look right; something in my brain told me not to touch it or sit on it, and then it wiggled. Just a little, but there was a definite wiggle and some defined webbing around its edges. “It’s not Halloween yet” kept playing in my mind, because, as silly as it sounds, I was sure I was seeing a bat. Was I batty?

Calling over a store representative to verify my suspicions, he had to look twice too at the sleeping form on the chair, and just as gently as you please, he reached down and picked it up. Another definite wiggle, and sure enough, Halloween or not, it was a bat! I was not batty after all, and reading this article will hold some great surprises too, if you love great, new fiction titles from your friends at JCPL!

Eleven year old Joshua is the Amish son of a respected church deacon. His father, however, can be a harsh man, and in the aftermath of a terrible fire, Joshua escapes the wrath of his father by running away from home. His journey takes him from Pennsylvania to California, where he begins to experience the ways of the English. His mother, Miriam never loses hope of finding her son and refuses to accept that he may be dead. But when her prayers and answered and the two are reunited, Joshua lives in fear of facing his father once again in ‘Stones in the Road’ by E.B. Moore.

Gigi Paulo finds himself hopelessly attracted to a woman that he meets in a bar near Penn Station in New York. But just as quickly as he sets eyes on her, she disappears. Hoping to run into her again, Gigi frequents that same bar, searching for the one woman he continues to dream about. Two years later, the pair finally meets up, but again, not for long. Just as Gigi grows more and more attached to her, she vanishes once again, leaving behind some of the secrets of her life. Gigi realizes then that he cannot rescue her from herself, and moves on to marry and have a daughter of his own. When he passes away, his daughter discovers Gigi’s obsession with the mysterious woman, and begins to delve into her father’s past in ‘Do Not Find Me’ by Kathleen Novak.

The assignment of a lifetime has been handed to travel journalist, Lo Blacklock. Who could turn down a trip on a luxury cruise, staying for free in a plush cabin while sailing the ocean blue? At the beginning, it seems like a dream come true for Lo; elegant guests, dinner parties every night. But as the week wears on, frigid winds begin to whip the deck and grey skies threaten turbulent seas. When Lo actually witnesses a woman being thrown overboard, the ship sails on as if nothing ever happened, leaving a bitter taste in Lo’s mouth for this dream of a trip, where surprising twists and turns signal that something is very, very wrong in ‘The Woman in Cabin 10’ by Ruth Ware.

Keeping a low profile after a botched undercover operation, ex-NYPD officer, Marshall Grade, finds himself in deep waters when he takes on the task of investigating the disappearance of local woman, Alyce Raye. As the investigation heats up, all roads to finding Alyce point to members of a drug ring, which, of course, could lead to deadly consequences for Marshall if word of his involvement gets out in ‘American Blood’ by Ben Sanders.

Turns out I’m not going batty after all, and all’s well that ends well, for the bat flew off when set free outdoors.  So after you read this article, get off of your comfy sofa, and head on over to your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library, where these new adult fiction titles will soon be ‘flying’ right off the shelves and into your favorite easy chair!