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'Tis the Season for New Adult Fiction @ JCPL!

photo of man asleep on couch reading book

‘Tis the season, if you know what I mean; coughing, sneezing, wheezing and freezing, even with unseasonable 60 degree temps outside; you have an old-fashioned, miserable cold.

That calls for some TLC, and if you watch television, there are a number of things that you can buy at your local pharmacy that will ease your sniffling, sneezing, achy, can’t-get-any-rest symptoms. Cold remedies can ease the misery, but the real secret of battling a “cold war” and winning is rest, and lots of it, which, in my opinion, calls for a nice, hot cup of tea, a blankie, some chicken soup and lots of reading material.

What, you ask, does reading material do for a cold? Author, J.K. Rowling hits the nail on the head when she says, “I do believe something magical happens when you read a book.” Just in case you need some magic to ease your cold symptoms, I have just the thing for you… brand, new, adult fiction titles from JCPL. Read on!

Jimmy is a happy go lucky spirit who has yet to transition to the other side. Bailey Ruth Raeburn is on a mission to help him cross and guide Jimmy into the next world, but the young spirit refuses to go until he knows that his earthly girlfriend, Megan, is taken care of. Working at a law firm where the senior partner is less than kind, Megan finds herself in a bind when her secretary’s job is threatened if Megan decides to move on to another law firm. Things heat up when Megan’s partner is discovered dead, and because she was found at the crime scene, Megan becomes the prime suspect. Bailey Ruth and Jimmy must work fast if they are going to uncover the real killer to get Megan off the hook in “Ghost Times Two,” book number seven in the Bailey Ruth Mystery Series by Carolyn Hart.

It is New Year’s Day and lonely linguistics professor, Samuel, is waking up to the same old, same old. When an unexpected visitor in the form of Mishima, a stray, brindle-furred cat, appears at his apartment, however, Samuel’s life takes off in ways that he does not expect. Mishima introduces him to neighbors he never knew, leads him to places he’s never been and, most importantly, back to the mysterious Gabriela, his long lost love in “Love in Lower Case” by Francesc Miralles.

Meeting when they were young at a high school football game, Alison and Kyle are immediately star-struck with one another, but must move forward with the lives that they have planned. Alison has dreams of becoming an actress, while Kyle sees medicine as the cure-all for the ills of the world and goes on to medical school, finally settling down, getting married and working as a pediatrician. As their lives move forward, converge, and once again intersect with one another, the pair of them comes face to face, making them each realize that the decisions they made took them from the life they were meant to live in “I’m Glad About You” by Theresa Rebeck.

Ripped away from her home and family, a young Jewish girl is taken captive by a Persian King who is in search of a bride; someone to become his queen. Trapped within his palace among many other women vying for the king’s attention, young Esther goes above and beyond to become the next Persian queen. Wearing the crown means more than just sitting quietly beside her husband, however, and soon, Esther realizes that with that crown comes danger, and when she overhears a ruthless man whispering to the King about genocide, she knows that she must find the strength and wisdom to save her people in “Esther” by Rebecca Kanner.

After writing about all of these great, new fiction titles, I do believe that I feel a little cold coming on…so heat the tea, bring me a bowl of hot soup, a blankie, and  a stack of fiction from the Jasper County Public Library for that sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever reducing magic!