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6 More Weeks of Winter? No Problem! Check Out Some New Fiction @ JCPL!

Drawing of a groundhog reading a book in his burrow.

Silly groundhog; I really wanted to know how a rodent could be the harbinger of such bad news as to sentence us to another six weeks of cold and snow, so, looking it up on Wikipedia, I discovered that the custom of Groundhog Day was a celebration started in the 18th century by the Germans.

With all of the dreary weather that we have had throughout the month of January, it was hard to imagine that ANYONE could see their shadow, but, alas, the day that Punxutawney Phil poked his furry little head out of his humble abode, the sun shone with a promise of more winter days to come.

Not exactly good news, but if you are a ‘glass half full’ kind of person, you’ll be able to see the bright side, which is more time for READING! Pick up a stack of these brand, new fiction titles from your friends at the Jasper County Public Library, and make the next 6 weeks fly by!

When Blanca’s life is suddenly thrust into upheaval by the untimely and unexpected death of her mother, she finds herself adrift in the sea of life, wondering what the next step is. Without her mentor, her best friend and soul-mate, Blanca is lost; forty years old and motherless. Confused and beyond hurt, Blanca relies on her friends and children to ease the blow, taking time away from her home in Barcelona to relax on the coast of Cadaqués with her entourage of supportive friends and family, spending the summer learning to live on her own terms, just as her mother would have wanted for her in ‘This Too Shall Pass’ by Milena Busquets.

When August runs into a friend from her 1970’s past, she takes a step back in time, reliving her youth, when friendship was all there was, and sharing confidences with her best friends as they searched  their Brooklyn neighborhood for something to do meant everything. Underneath the innocence of the Brooklyn that August and her friends knew, however, lurked another Brooklyn altogether; another world where danger and madness crawled from the cracks of the very streets and sidewalks in ‘Another Brooklyn’ by Jacqueline Woodson.

Detective Antoinette Conway is new to the Murder Squad, and her partner, Stephen Moran is glad to have her on board. Everything Antoinette ever believed about working homicide seems to be a myth, however, and the job becomes a thankless task, however tough she tries to be. When a new case presents itself after Aislinn Murray is found dead in her catalog-perfect home, it appears to be an open and shut case of love gone wrong. Other detectives in her division push Antoinette to close the case with the arrest of pretty Aislinn’s boyfriend, but something about the case nags at her, keeping her searching and digging for clues in ‘The Trespasser’ by Tana French.

Family does not have to mean you are related by blood, and the four Guineveres, Vere, Gwen, Ginny, and Win, believe that wholeheartedly. The four of them have only each other, but when another Guinevere enters their circle, they are surprised at the bond they instantly share. All five girls have come to the Sisters of the Supreme Adoration Convent by chance, and each are from a different walk of life. Every one of the girls has a complicated and heartbreaking story to tell, and each one has different needs, but the one thing they all have in common is that they are Guineveres, and their plan is to finally escape the isolated abbey in which they reside in ‘The Guineveres’ by Sarah Domet.

“This Too Shall Pass” may be the title of a book, but it also bears considering when it comes to the next six weeks. So, look at the bright side and let Punxutawney Phil and all of the other hibernating animals finish their naps while you read a great, new adult fiction title from your local branch of JCPL!