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Looking for a Good Book to Read? No Appointment Necessary to Check Out These New Adult Fiction Titles!


Available by appointment only; we’re accustomed to hearing this phrase, whether it is to see the dentist, the doctor, get our hair or taxes done, or take care of some other important business of the day. We wrestle with what time is best, morning or afternoon, today, tomorrow, next week or next year.  “What works best?” the receptionist might ask. On the flip side, wouldn’t it be nice if when things go wrong, they go wrong by appointment only? For example, what would be a good day for your washer to break down, or your furnace to stop running, or for you to get sick, or the car to break down? Ah, let’s see; tomorrow would be great to have no washer, but it’s supposed to be cold, so not a good day for the furnace to break. And I may have time for a little cold next week, but this week is booked! Speaking of “Booked,” have you read any good books lately? One thing that you can do that never needs an appointment is visit your local branch of JCPL, where it’s always a good time to choose some great, new, adult fiction! Read on!

With a vicious storm raging outside the home of a Suffolk, England family, a redheaded stranger appears out of nowhere. Out of common courtesy, the family takes him in, out of the brutal weather, only to discover later that he never had any intention of leaving. Fast forward one hundred and fifty years when a personal tragedy drives Mary and her husband from their home to a new life in the countryside. The home they have chosen has been empty for years, and as they settle in, they begin to hear strange whisperings, hear footsteps and see a man with red hair walking the property. As the past and present interlace, the cottage, haunted by the horrific events of the past, begins to feel more like a prison than a sanctuary in ‘The Stopped Heart’ by Julie Myerson.

Legendary outlaw, Billy the Kid, was charming and skilled at firing six shooters with either hand. This American legend of the Wild, Wild,West grew up in New York, later ending up in New Mexico, where the smart and well spoken blonde, born Henry McCarty, went on a crime spree that rivaled all other outlaws of his day. ‘The Kid’ by Ron Hansen takes the reader on a journey through history with an imaginative and fast paced portrayal of the immortalized Billy the Kid, a fictional tale with a twist of truth, compellingly and masterfully told.

Brigid Fitzgerald finds that her faith and beliefs are tested at every turn. From a young age, Brigid has known heartache, and into adulthood has seen it in every aspect of her career as a doctor healing the wounded and the trials that she is working so hard to overcome. As Brigid fights to hold onto her faith, the world is taking notice of a new Pope, a leader for the Church who is different from all the rest; one who plans to reinvigorate the Church and regain followers who had previously lost their way. But this new leader is also making enemies of some of the most powerful and brilliant minds in the world; challenging others like never before in ‘Woman of God’ by James Patterson.

Every road leads to Marvel, a small town in which lives will be forever changed in unexpected ways.  Ottie Lee Henshaw is young and lovely. Living in small-town Indiana, Ottie does her best to navigate the challenges of an unhappy marriage and a harsh boss. Calla Destry is a young black woman who is desperately seeking escape from the violence of her town, searching for the love of her life who has promised her the happiness and peace of a whole new existence. As the lives of these two young women converge, they journey into an America where fear and hatred are real, and the secrets that they each carry threaten their futures in ‘The Evening Road’ by Laird Hunt.

I would love to chat about these and all of the new adult fiction titles that can be found at your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library, but I have an appointment that I REALLY want to keep. You see, on this very day at this very time, a good book from my friends at the Jasper County Public Library awaits, and I don’t want to be late!