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Jiminy Crickets! Check Out These New Adult Fiction Titles!

cartoon of a cricket with a book

“Our menu options have changed;” the automated message is one that is a familiar sound when we make a phone call. Reading a Reuters article about ‘new’ items on the menu in Brussels, I realize that some changes are not always for the better.

In order to sustain the ‘protein’ part of the menu, and not add cholesterol to the diets of their clientele, this particular restaurant has begun serving crickets, of the Jiminy variety.

Sautéed in garlic, tomato, or turned in flour, these crispy critters can be used to add protein to the diet without the side effects gained from, say, beef. Is it a new revolution in protein, or just a passing craze?

For me, insects are off the table, as well as off the menu, so I’ll take my 3 o’clock protein bar, a cup of coffee, and my book and find a cozy nook for a much needed break. Get bitten by the ‘reading bug’ with these new, adult fiction titles from your friends at JCPL!

When Dorothy Martin arrives at Cambridge University for a conference with her retired police husband, Alan, she is pleasantly surprised to discover that the building is gorgeous; newly renovated and guest-friendly. Looking forward to touring the historic buildings and sites surrounding the facilities, Dorothy wanders into a laboratory during her tour of the grounds. Finding what she thinks is a pool of blood on the floor, she sends for her husband, who arrives to find nothing amiss. Could her eyes have been playing tricks on her? Never one to let a mystery go unsolved, Dorothy begins to dig for answers in ‘Blood Will Tell,’ book number 17 in the Dorothy Martin mystery series by Jeanne M. Dams.

Summertime in Boston is heating up with a late season hurricane, but Detective Eddy Harkness and his crew are hot on the trail of a drug ring selling Dark Horse, a deadly brand of heroin. Their search leads them to the Lower South End of Boston, where residents have been displaced by the storm. Tensions are running high enough, and when Eddy stumbles onto a land grab by Boston’s corrupt mayor, the pace picks up, leading Harness through elite social clubs and Harvard dorm rooms, trying to put a stop to the conspiracy before it spreads even farther in ‘Dark Horse,’ book number 2 in the Eddy Harkness series by Rory Flynn.

Present-day Washington, D.C.; Julia and Jason, along with their three sons, are living in a fractured family, with distances growing between them daily, creating a small crisis in their lives. When an earthquake rocks their world, their home, their future and their very lives are endangered, giving the meaning of home sweet home a whole new twist in ‘Here I Am’ by Jonathan Safran.

As Attorney General of the United States, Sarah Worthington is determined to do her job to the best of her abilities, even if it means prosecuting the President of the United States. As the investigation continues, forces more powerful than Sarah close in on not only her but her family as well, but Sarah’s determination grows ever stronger, seeking the truth and only the truth in ‘A Primary  Decision’ the conclusion to the Worthington Destiny Series by Kevin Leman.

Jiminy Crickets; am I bugging you? Sorry, but I just had to let you know about these new, adult fiction titles, on the menu at your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library, where the only side effects you’ll have will be relaxation and the best summer getaway you could ever ask for!