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Awe Inspiring, Amazing, AWESOME Fiction @ JCPL!

Photo of two girls watching eclipse through solar glasses with awed expressions

Meteorologist, Tom Skilling, was moved to tears by the awesomeness of the solar eclipse of 2017. It WAS awesome, so bright and beautiful at its peak, with the earth covered in darkness for a few minutes, right in the middle of the day.

The whole country, it seemed, was taken aback by the natural phenomena of the solar eclipse. For many, it was a once in a lifetime experience, and one that will be remembered for years to come.

Awesome, overwhelming, grand, amazing, ‘real gone;’ these are all words can that describe the sun and moon converging on Monday, August 21st.

Do you know what else these words describe? You guessed it! AWESOME ADULT FICTION @ your local branch of the Jasper County Public Library! Read on for more awe-inspiring titles to read!

After busting out of prison, murderer, Max Mantel is believed to be headed straight for Pecan Springs, home of the McQuaid, the man responsible for his incarceration. McQuaid, however, is not afraid for his own life, and plans to use himself as a decoy to catch the dangerous convict, stopping him in his tracks. Attracting attention to himself and putting his own life on the line is McQuaid’s style, but his wife, China, must be protected. She agrees to leave town and stay at the Last Chance Olive Ranch to teach a class. Along with her best friend, China leaves town, looking forward to helping Maddie Haskell, the ranch’s owner, as she tries to keep the ranch afloat. McQuaid’s plans backfire, however, with an unexpected countermove by Mantel, leaving everyone exposed and at risk in ‘The Last Chance Olive Ranch’ by Susan Wittig Albert.

Feeling vulnerable with grief after losing her beloved brother and experiencing a devastating divorce, Wini feels the need to get back to nature and accepts an invitation from her three best friends to go hiking and rafting in the remote Allagash Wilderness. The nightmare begins for this foursome when a freak accident leaves them stranded with no supplies and separated from their raft. As darkness closes in on the mountainside, the women spot a campfire that may just be their salvation. Their salvation, however, turns out to be a test of their faith and trust, putting their very lives at risk in ‘The River at Night,’ a thriller by Erica Ferencik.

As Grandpa and Noah sit side by side on a bench, they share the precious memories of family, love and life, and of Grandma. The pair of them has much in common and as they wait together on that bench, Noah and Grandpa share their love of mathematics, all the while breathing in the fragrance of the hyacinths that Grandma so loved to grow. Grandpa tells Noah of days gone by; of meeting and falling in love with Grandma, and how he dreads the day that he may not be able to remember her. Ted, Noah’s father, has never had too much in common with Grandpa, but at times, he meets the two of them at the bench, discovering what he should have known all along; that Noah is their common bond in ‘And Every Morning the Way Home Gets Longer and Longer,’ a little story with a big message by Fredrik Backman.

“I very much need to be dead,” were the words left behind by that man that Jane loved. Jane Hawk, now a widow with nothing but grief, fear and fury ahead of her, decides to channel all three emotions to find out why and how such a thing could have ever happened to her husband, and all of the other people who decide that the world would be a better place without them and take their own lives. As Jane digs for answers, she becomes the most-wanted fugitive in America, wanted by powerful enemies who will do whatever is necessary to get rid of anyone who tries to get in the way of their righteous rage in ‘The Silent Corner’ by Dean Koontz.

The solar eclipse may have been a once in a lifetime adventure, but all of these remarkable, wonderful, moving, impressive, tremendous, astounding, mind-blowing, grand and amazing, adult fiction titles can be found anytime, just by visiting your local branch of JCPL. Now that’s AWESOME!

Photo: Awe by Tom Magllery on Flickr, part of the NASA Total Solar Eclipse 2017 image pool.