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Author - Herb Stepherson


Mon Mar 27, 6pm

Herb Stepherson grew up just like most young boys; riding bikes and playing baseball in his small hometown.

The innocence of childhood was shattered, however, when at the age of 15, Herb was introduced to alcohol, then prescription pain medication, and finally, heroin and cocaine.

Herb Stepherson battled the nightmare of addiction for fourteen years, ending up homeless and living on the streets of Chicago, where he slept in abandoned buildings and rummaged through dumpsters for food. Now 31, Herb has conquered the demon of addiction, chronicling his journey in ‘Junkbox Diaries: A Day in the Life of a Heroin Addict.’ 

On Monday, March 27 @ 6 pm, the DeMotte Library invites all ages to visit with Herb Stepherson as he shares the details of his traumatic experiences as a recovering addict by discussing his book, which will be available for purchase and author signing during the program.

 When asked why he would share such intimate details with the public, Herb’s response was, “I am doing this because I hate the disease. I’m displaying all these things because someone has to. The silence, the taboo and the shame have to end. Don’t hate the addict, hate the disease.” 

Join us as we become more educated about the true battles faced by victims of heroin addiction. No registration is required to attend. For more information, visit or call the DeMotte Library, 901 Birch St., SW, DeMotte, or call 219 987-2221.