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These files are digital reproductions of information gathered by or entrusted to the library over the decades regarding local places, individuals and entities. These archives allow our patrons to access the same information that has been available in the library, now in a more convenient form.

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Due to copyright issues, some of the content in our archives is restricted to use at the physical location of the Jasper County Public Library.

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Photo of Michael W. Campbell, publisher of Vintage Views.

Vintage Views - Issue 21 - Winter 2012/2013

Content this issue

  • As I Remember – Mike’s Dad (by William F. Campbell) p3
  • From the County Historian – A Walk Through History (by Judy Kanne) p5
  • Main Street Rensselaer – Welcoming our Newest Park (by Carole Beaver) p7
  • The Potawotamies (from the Rensselaer Republican) p9
Photo of a man in military uniform and a woman in a winter coat.

Vintage Views - Issue 22 - Winter 2013

Content this issue

  • From the County Historian - (by Judy Kanne) p3
  • Phil Wood, Jr. (by Russ Martin) p7
  • Jasper County Courthouse (from the Centennial Book and the Rededication Program) p11
  • The Parks of Rensselaer (by Marsha Gratner) p18
  • The Old Rensselaer Armory (by Ed Davisson) p20
Photo of two young girls with a red cross box and poster

Vintage Views - Issue 23 - Winter 2014

Content this issue

  • From the County Historian - Dean Putt, Gentleman and Poet (by Judy Kanne) p3
  • Hollis G. “Holly” Hayes (as told to Sue Caldwell) p7
  • My School Days (by Bessie Eger Grant, from the Jasper Magazine, May 17, 1976) p14
  • In Memorium (by John Groppe) p18
  • J.A. Grant & Son Motor Freight (by Ed Davisson) p21
Photo of Wright’s Furniture Store early during the fire of 1948.

Vintage Views - Issue 24 - Summer 2015

Content this issue

  • From the County Historian - Dean Putt, Gentleman and Poet (by Judy Kanne) p3
  • Rensselaer Auto Parts (by Ron Podell, from the Hoosier Heritage, Sept. 25, 1988) p5
  • Monnett School (by Rex Smith, from the Rensselaer Republican, Aug. 1, 1973) p6
  • Wright’s Furniture(by Grant Edward Davisson) p11
Faded yellowed photo of child sitting astride a live donkey with Santa.

Vintage Views - Issue 25 - Summer 2016

Content this issue

  • From the County Historian - The Rensselaer Republican's Gossiper Lefty Clark (by Judy Kanne) p3
  • Kevin Moriarty (by John D. Groppe) p7
  • Reverend Helenor M. Davisson (by Sue Caldwell) p11
  • Ramon Sayler (by Judy Kanne) p15