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"Arrr" about PIRATES


Ahoy mateys! September is pirate month, and September 19 be Talk Like a Pirate Day.

We at JCPL invite you to raise the Jolly Roger and get yore sea legs with some pirate-related booty here and abroad on the high seas of the Internet.

Pirate Vocabulary
Use this printable list to fill out two printable crossword puzzles (1) (2) and challenge yore Pirate speakin' skills

English to pirate translator
Give this here "gidget" a whirl and you'll be speakin' Pirate in no time

Search the Internet in Piratese
Use Google's Language Tools to select "Pirate" as your language of choice. (Change it back if'n you don't like it.)

Get yore Pirate name!
Are ye a Lad or a Lass?

Books about Real Pirates at JCPL