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Special Days in October


October is

National Arts and Humanities Month. Check out one of our many How to Draw books this month.

Computer Learning Month. Have you tried one of the educational programs for children to use at the library?

National Hispanic Heritage Month Sept 15 - Oct 15. Celebrate your heritage, or that of someone you know.

Children's Magazine Month. Browse this list of children's magazines at JCPL. Share one with someone you love today.

Word of the month: Heebie-jeebies. Nervous jitters. Every time she passed the old, boarded-up house at the end of the block, Emma got the heebie-jeebies.

October 4 is author Karen Cushman's birthday.

October 6 Hooray for Libraries! The American Library Association was founded on this day in 1876.

October 7-13 is National Fire Prevention Week. Check out Sparky the fire dog's new Fire Prevention Week Page or other fire prevention games and info at

October 8 It's R.L. Stine's Birthday. Visit The World of R.L. Stine online and listen to spooky stories or read a Goosebumps or Fear Street book.

October 10 Columbus Day honors the landing of explorer Christopher Columbus in the Western Hemisphere in 1492. (In fourteen-hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.) Watch this short video from National Geographic to learn more about the famous trip that literally changed the world.

October 14-20 is Teen Read Week. For more information, check out JCPL's Teen Read Week page.

October 26 It's author Steven Kellogg's birthday. Read a Pinkerton book, or another one of his books today.

October 28 The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on this day in 1886. Explore the statue online with this video tour.

October 31 Happy Halloween! Check out this site from Time For Kids to learn about where some of your favorite halloween traditions come from.

"My job is to give kids the creeps."  -- R. L. Stine