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Special Days in December


When we think of December, we think of it as the holiday season. Though most Americans are familiar with Christmas, there are several other holidays that take place in this winter month. Read on for links to learn more about them.

Word of the month: Nostalgia: a longing for something past. When the stores started putting out winter holiday displays, Cindy's mom said she felt nostalgic for when she was a kid.

1 It's Jan Brett's birthday. Read Who's that Knocking on Christmas Eve, or another book!

2 It's David Macaulay's birthday. Watch his 2002 TED talk: An Illustrated Journey through Rome about his book Rome Antics.

5 It's Walt Disney's Birthday. Check out a Disney movie or story today.

6 St. Nicholas Day Learn about this popular holiday from Europe.

7 Pearl Harbor Day. Learn about the day the United States got involved in World War II.

8 Hanukkah begins at sunset. Learn about this Jewish holiday.

9 It's Jean de Brunhoff's birthday. Read a story about Babar the Elephant.

10 It's Melville Dewey's birthday. Check out this Australian KidCyberQuest and learn about how to find books at the library without a computer!

12 Poinsettia Day

13 Santa Lucia Day Learn about this holiday with roots in Scandinavia and Sicily.

14 The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey opens in theaters. Read the book!

16 Las Posadas Dec 16-24 Learn about this popular holiday from Mexico.

17 The modern Christmas card got its start in 1843.

19 It's Eve Bunting's birthday.

21 Winter Begins Learn about cultures that celebrated the winter solstice.

23 It's Avi's birthday. Visit Avi's website

25 Christmas Day - Learn all about this holiday at the History Channel. A Christmas Carol was the first book transmitted over radio! Listen to the free audiobook. Read the free ebook.

26 Boxing Day (British and Canadian Holiday) and Kwanzaa begins (Dec. 26-Jan. 1)

29 Did you know? On this day in 1852 Emma Snodgrass was arrested in Boston for wearing pants.

30 It's Rudyard Kipling's birthday

31 New Years Eve


Q: Why is Prancer always wet?

A: Because he's a rain-deer.