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Special Days in March


There's plenty to do in March. We change time zones, celebrate spring, plus there's always something happening at the Library!

American Red Cross Month - Say thank you to a relief worker for national and international disasters!

Music in Our Schools Month - Check out a book or video about music

National Women's History Month - Read a book about famous women in history.

National Craft Month - Check out this list of family craft how-tos at and try out a new hobby today!

Youth Art Month - Check out the Indiana Youth Art Month movement and see what Hoosier artists from across the state are doing!

Word of the month: smarmy: Behaving in a way that seems polite, kind, or pleasing but is not genuine or believable. Janet wanted to buy a necklace for her mother, but the salesman was so smarmy she decided to shop elsewhere.

1 The Iditarod Sled Dog Race begins in Anchorage, Alaska.

2 Read Across America Day.

3 It's Newspapers in Education Week. Visit the Newseum to read a newspaper from somewhere else in the world!

4 Today is Fat Tuesday, better known as Mardi Gras! Check out this National Geographic Kids History video about this modern holiday with Christian roots.

5 It's Mem Fox's Birthday. Hear her read a book on her own website!  The hula hoop was patented on this day in 1963!

7 Alexander Graham Bell was awarded a patent for the telephone on this day in 1876.

9 Daylight Saving Time begins, set your clocks ahead one hour! (And get woken up with bacon!)

13 It's Ellen Raskin's birthday. Solve a mystery this month at the library.

15 Julius Caesar was assassinated on this day in 44 BC, a day known as the Ides of March.

17 Celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Learn to make a leprechaun trap!

18 It's Douglas Florian's Birthday.

20 Spring Begins!  It's Lois Lowry's birthday.

24 It's Harry Houdini's Birthday. Read a book about performing magic!

25 It's Kate DiCamillo's Birthday.

27 It's Dick King-Smith's Birthday. The Algonquian Indians call this Full Moon the Full Worm Moon.


Q: Can February March?

A: No, but April May!