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Stuffed-animal superhero academy was a blast

Stuffed animals wearing superhero costumes.
Curious George flying over a city
A zebra lifting weights
Darby's signature and a paw-print

Hello boys and girls!

My name is Darby and I live in the big doghouse over at the Wheatfield Library. I spend most of my time lying on top of the dog house roof, but last month we had a bit of excitement at the library. 

Miss Carolynn and Miss Rachael asked me if I wanted to help teach a superhero school class for other stuffed animals. This sounded like it was right up my alley. I was so excited, I said yes right away!

We planned classes for the 4 main superhero powers:  flying, being strong, throwing a web (like Spiderman) and learning to read!  We put out posters asking other stuffed animals to sign up and we got 17 students. Oh boy, our first Superhero School was sure to be a success! :)

The first day when everyone arrived they got a name tag and a photo taken.  Then they got separated into teams for their first class, flying. Everyone did such a super job. We got some great action photos.

Then everyone moved along to the second class, weight lifting. Being strong is a lot harder than it looks. I’m pretty good at this, but I’m a BIG dog. Being strong is easier if you’re big! Everyone did their best though and we got pictures of it all.

The second day we had two more classes: web throwing and reading. First we practiced the web throwing. This ended up being so funny! Those webs are super sticky and were just not that easy to throw. (Spiderman is a really super Superhero.)  We took pictures of everyone throwing webs and had plenty of good-natured giggling at some of the disastrous results. Everyone made a promise to keep on trying though! 

After the web throwing everyone was ready to sit down for the next class, reading. I started out by reading a story to the whole group; then we worked on everyone reading on their own. 

Did you know that most of the stuffed animals already know how to read?  They absorb so much when their buddies are read to at night by their moms and dads, that they really only needed a little practice and they were awesome readers! This makes me one Happy Dog! :)

Then it was Graduation Time. Every stuffed animal got a mask, cape and new superhero name.  We had fun thinking up good superhero names for everyone. After that, all the animals realized how much they missed their buddies and were looking forward to going home.

One last picture, a class photo, and the superhero school was over. I can’t wait until Miss Carolynn and Miss Rachael have another stuffed animal sleepover! I wonder what we’ll do next? You can see all the pictures at the library's Flickr site. Don’t forget to come and visit me at the Wheatfield Library. I’ll be the big, hairy one on top of the doghouse! See you soon,