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Celebrate April!


It is my belief that two of the most underrated holidays occur in the month of April. In fact, these holidays are so underrated that the banks and post office don’t even close!  What are these holidays you might ask?

I am talking about April Fools Day and Arbor Day! Now before you roll your eyes and quit reading, let me state my case for why both of these holidays should be celebrated.

What could be better than playing a harmless practical joke on a friend or loved one?  As long as they have a good sense of humor that is…. April Fools Day is celebrated on April 1.   According to ( April Fools Day was believed to have originated when the Western world switched from using the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, which moved the new year celebration from April 1 to January 1.  Some people continued to celebrate on April 1 and they were called “fools”, thus creating April Fools Day.  I think I personally enjoy this holiday so much because it is a fun light hearted day where people can have a good laugh.  So partake in a prank (if you haven’t already) and if you are reading this after April 1, start making a “to do” list of next year’s pranks!

Arbor Day is celebrated the last Friday in April.  According to the Arbor Day Foundation (, the day was created more than 135 years ago as a way to set aside a special day for planting a tree.  While people don’t typically go around wishing each other “Happy Arbor Day” or throwing Arbor Day parties, they sure should!  What’s cooler than planting a tree and each year seeing it grow?  Not only do trees provide oxygen, but they also are great for sitting under while reading a book.  ;)  So my suggestion is to throw a “tree party”.  Get a group of friends together, plant a tree (in an approved location of course), eat some tree themed food, and play tree themed games like a town wide scavenger hunt for the different types of tree leaves…the possibilities are endless!