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Where in the world are you from?


Some of you might answer “Indiana,” some might answer “America,” while others might have strong ties to their cultural heritage and provide an answer that relates to places from which their parents and grandparents immigrated. 

The great part about America is that it is a “melting pot” of cultures.  This also means that a person can be “from” many areas of the world. 

While it is great to research your family origins, it is also exciting learning about other cultures and customs.  For example, did you know that Halloween was originally a Celtic tradition from Ireland? 

Watch this video from The History Channel to learn more.

In following the “Where in the world are you from?” theme, American Born Chinese by Gene Yang was selected as the 2012 teen book selection for Books to Bridge the Region.  

American Born Chinese is a Printz award winning graphic novel that combines three stories that relate to each character adapting to different cultural situations.  Author Gene Yang does an amazing job of weaving these three completely different stories together to create a funny, yet thought provoking novel. 

So take it upon yourself to find out where in the world you are from, research other cultures and customs, and make sure to save some time to read American Born Chinese

To learn more about Books to Bridge the Region visit their web site at  Have fun exploring!