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Book Trailers 101


If you love movies (and I do!) when you go to the movies one of the best parts, at least for me- are the trailers for the upcoming new movie releases. 

The movie companies put a lot of thought into how they want to present their movies.  If the movie is action packed they make sure you know that when you watch the trailer because there will be a car chase or something will be blown up.

If the movie is romantic you can be sure you will see a kiss or some other dramatic scene.  They know this movie trailer will appeal to all those who like to watch those kinds of movies. 

When you see a movie trailer that’s well put together how do you  feel after? I know I think, “Wow! I wanna make sure I see THAT movie!” I make a mental note to add it to my list of “must see” movies.

It’s the same with a book trailer. 

What! You don’t know what a book trailer is? Well, let me tell you.  A book trailer is put out by publishing companies to promote their new book and it’s just like a movie trailer, but, of course, for a book. They use mood music and special effects and sometimes actors and it becomes a whole mini-movie summary of your book.

After you watch it you will either say, “Wow, I have got to read that book!” or “Hmm, might be interesting I should give it a try.”  The point is to make the trailer interesting enough to get people to want to read the book.

Sometimes just reading the summary on the jacket cover of the book is just not enough. In this age of technology we have all become very visual. This is a way to reach the people visually. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Well, the JCPL has a challenge for you! We are inviting any teens from 6th-12th grade to make your own book trailer and submit it to our Teen Book Trailer Contest!

There are a few rules like, all audio and video must be your own work,(we don’t want to break any copyright laws) and your book must be PG-13 or under, but basically it’s up to you.

So, are you up for the challenge? If so, please check out our contest page or visit your nearest branch of the Jasper County Public Library for more information, to sign up and for a complete list of rules. Entries are due by March 23, 2013 at 5 p.m.