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We want to know!


We know you’re out there…you’ve been in the library all summer – reading our books, watching our movies, listening to our cds, looking at our magazines. So, where are you when school starts? I know you don’t like school so much that you spend every free hour flipping through your textbooks and figuring out how else to expand your scholastic knowledge. You do fun things instead!

Well, WE want to know what “fun” is to you…is it working on that new art project or grabbing the next book in that series by your favorite author? Or is it something else? No matter what “fun” is to you, we want to try and find a way we can do that with you…here…at the library. We want you here! Yes, YOU!

No excuses – there are plenty of ways to let us know – find us on Facebook when you’re scrolling through, send us an email on your smartphone, or simply slip an anonymous note in our comments box. And then LOOK! We hear you, see what you’re saying, and want to accommodate you in any way we can. Look for flyers and press releases about our upcoming events…I’m sure you’ll be able to find something interesting.

We look forward to having FUN with you this year!