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Are you doing the wrong things with technology?


Maybe you have cool technology at school or at home, or maybe your only access to technology is an old lab in the basement corner behind the filing cabinets in a disused bathroom with a sign on the door that says “beware of the leopard.” (Can you name that book reference?)

Whenever and however you are able to use technology, are you doing the wrong things with it?

Maybe in a class you’ll be asked to make a prezi, or start a blog, or create a wordle, or make a video, or develop a flip chart.


Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

Don’t get me wrong. Learning how to use technology is important, and hard to teach, but it’s not the point. The point is what you do with that amazing tool you have in your hands.

Maybe you’ll decide to raise awareness about a cause you believe in. Have a family member suffering from cancer? How can you tell her story?

You might decide to start a conversation. What is life like where you live? What is life like somewhere else? What do you have in common with other people around the world?

The world is a big place, full of big questions. Where would you go to find the answers?

The average smart phone today has more power, more capability, than all the computers combined that NASA used to send people to the moon.

You are powerful!

You can change minds, take action, inspire.

You can make a difference.

Show the world what is important to you. Tell us your story.