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What are you going to do with 2014?

Photo of girls with marker drawings on their hands: peace, a heart, smiley face

According to hash tags, 2013 was a year of natural disasters, celebrity deaths and blurred social lines. Maybe some of things are better left in the past, but each year as we look back on what happened, we can choose to remember what we want.

What will you choose to make the highlights of the year? What will you choose to remember as 2014 goes by?

One way to remember those important thoughts: make a memory jar. Clean a glass jar after the next pasta night and decorate with markers or paint. Every time something memorable happens, such as a movie date with friends, or that perfect moment, write it down and stick it in. At the end of the year, pull them all out and read them, save them, scrapbook them, or just dump them out like happy dandelion fluff and start all over. Whatever fits your style.

Maybe social media is your thing. You could go around retexting buzz like everyone else, or you could do something a little crazy. What would happen if every day you decided to tweet one nice thing about someone? Maybe lots of nice things about lots of someones? Check out this video from the Today show about some students in Iowa who tried just that.

According to a 2005 study, the most important factor in being happy in life is gratitude. Showing you are grateful for someone, or something, makes you happy. Taking a moment to appreciate the things that make life worthwhile makes them all the sweeter.

Here's hoping there are many sweet moments in your coming year and more!