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10 Reasons to Celebrate National Library Card Month

Cartoon panel featuring Stan Lee

September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month. Many communities add record number of cards this time of year as families get settled into new communities, new schools, and new libraries.

But whether you are new to JCPL, or have been a patron here since before you could walk, here are 10 reasons why this month is worth celebrating:

10. Stan Lee, Mr. Marvel Comics himself, is the honorary host of this year's National Library Card Month.

9. Every movie you check out at the library saves you $1.20 at Redbox, we have more selection, and you can keep ours longer.

8. Every CD you check out at the library saves you $9 at iTunes.

7. Every book you check out at the library saves you from $6 to $30 or more.

6. Every time you use your card this month, you can enter into a drawing for prizes!

5. Free popcorn at library movies.

4. All your wifi are belong to us.

3. Awesome people hang out at the library. If you come by, you'll be one of them.

2. Comfy armchairs.

1. All the cool movies this fall were books first. But some of you probably already knew that. :)